April 11, 2013

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Historic silver trumpet tree was saved from developers' ax in 1998

Like a Proud Papa, arborist Tom Chancey stopped by the other day to tell me that the Annie Beck Tree - which he was instrumental in saving back in '98 - was in full and glorious bloom - the best he's seen in years, he said. He thought I might just want to take a picture or two.

So here are some images of the tree to add something nice to your day. It sits in a prominent spot along Las Olas Boulevard in Huizenga Plaza, opposite the Museum of Art.

The tree was planted by Fort Lauderdale pioneer and Annie Beck in the 1930s. Chancey saved the tree in 1998 by supervising its relocation from Beck's 334 E. Las Olas property. Beck, the 1975 Citizen of the Year, died in 1985 .

To read about the history of the Annie Beck Tree and the relocation effort, view obit and more images on http://www.medepalma.com/beck.htm

The bright, beautiful blooming should continue for a couple of weeks. Enjoy!






Friday, APRIL 29th 10:00 a.m.

1500 Brickell Drive, Fort Lauderdale
Directions: East on Las Olas to SE 15th Street, South approximately two blocks & you are right at the park.

Pamela Alexander, Principal
Bonny Miller Cole, Teacher
Youth Garden Leader for MORINGA GARDEN CIRCLE

Rose Bechard Butman:, Certified Arborist
Community Education Chair, FLGC
V.P. Moringa Garden Circle

L. THOMAS CHANCEY, Consulting Arborist
Landscape Architect

Tree City Award Presentation & Tree Give Away


Award Winning Project

The Florida Federation of Garden Clubs District XI Roadside Wildflower Chair, Sandra Lynch and The Fort Lauderdale Garden Club's Community Education and Civic Improvement Chair, Rose Bechard-Butman  joined forces to install a demonstration roadside wildflower planting at I95 and Broward Boulevard's Greening Gateway to the city. It is their hope to encourage more planting of native wildflowers along roadsides to reduce our carbon imprint by eliminating more high maintenance mowing of sod and to encourage native birds and butterflies along our Flyway Corridor.

This project is made possible through a grant from the Community Foundation of Broward County. This is a true collaborative effort that includes Broward County's Naturescape, D.O.T., The Greening Gateways Committee, The City of Fort Lauderdale Urban Forestry Division and Softscapes Landscape Architect and Naturescape Broward member, L. Thomas Chancey.

Native Gaillardia and Coreopsis were planted by 40 volunteers on Saturday May 8th to include; The Fort Lauderdale Garden Club & it's Youth Gardeners, 4-H Junior Master Gardeners and friends of the garden club on Saturday May 8th at 10:00 AM followed by a lunch at Softscapes, which is located behind the planting area on SW 19th Avenue. The native wildflowers replaced non native plantings that did not survive last year's drought.

This project won an "Emerald Award", the highest Environmental Award offered in Broward County. It was also recognized by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs who gave it a "Paths of Sunshine Award" at the 2011 Convention in Ocala, Florida.

2011 Emerald Award Winners
(L-R) L. Thomas Chancey, John Rodstram (presenter), Sandra Lynch, Rose Bechard Butman

Paths of Sunshine Award

Rose Bechard Butman and Sandra Lynch with the "Paths of Sunshine Award"

Rose was featured in a series of shows for: Backyard Botanical URL: http://www.backyardbotanical.com

  Free Local Garden Advice

Viewers  learned how to easily start and maintain their very own home garden with the help of master Gardner Rose Bechard-Butman and some tools like the Backyard Botanical home garden system. This tip focusses on using your local county extension office for getting free gardening advice

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Viewers learned how to easily start and maintain their very own home garden with the help of master Gardner Rose Bechard-Butman and some tools like the Backyard Botanical home garden system. This tip focuses on choosing the right soil for your home garden.

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Viewers learned how to easily start and maintain their very own home garden with the help of master Gardner Rose Bechard-Butman and some tools like the Backyard Botanical home garden system
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Viewers learned how to get the most out of their home garden with the help of Master Gardener Rose Bechard-Butman and some tools like the Backyard Botanical home garden system

Rose Butman on Balancing ActTips:
Fun for Kids and Family - Butterfly Gardening

We have made numerous appearance on the South Florida Today Show NBC6

 L. Thomas Chancey, Landscape Architect and Naturescape Task Force and  National Flyways Coalition Member, on the exciting new Greater For Lauderdale Flyways Cities Coalition combining Flyways and Waterways for migratory birds and animals.

He discusses the project to protect the wildlife habitat for the more than 800 species of birds including the ruby throated hummingbird that migrate through south Florida.

It is along trip and some of the usual spots where they stopped to rest and eat in past years no longer exist. Development and pollution have made the trip harder for them.

Under the emerging National Wildlife Federation movement, groups are working together to improve and expand habitat for migratory and resident wildlife.

Featuring  plants that attract hummingbirds and other migratory birds.

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l. thomas chancey

L.Thomas Chancey,  Tree Pruning - Trees can become dangerous projectiles during a storm. They knock down electric and telephone lines and separate people from vital resources.

butterfly book

Plant A Garden That Attracts Butterflies
   Rose Butman discusses how to create a garden that will attract butterflies.
Kaela Chancey

Arborist, L. Thomas Chancey and his daughter, Kaela Chancey stopped by the studio to show how to assess landscaping of homes and make it safe for the hurricane season. For more information on tree pruning just contact Tom at "Artist Tree" at 954-463-7404. 
VIDEO*  allow extra time to download

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L. Thomas Chancey on NBC6 TV

Garden Of The Future Video

How do we know what trees and plants compliment our home? Landscape architect L. Thomas Chancey with Softscapes can help you create lush, green landscapes. For information on planning and maintaining your landscape, visit www.softscapes.com